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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Once upon a time..hehe..just kidding..on 23rd nov 2010..i have attended my first class for bel 260..for me the class so happy and also stress...why stress??let me tell all about..before that..I want to introduce my lecturer for this class..her name is miss MARFARHANATUL AKMAL BINTI AHMAD KAMAL and I prefer 2 call her miss hana,her age I don't know..but I think maybe around 20 or 21..for me she so cute and happy to learn with her.

For the first session miss hana ask us to introduce ourselves,nickname and what ice-cream flavour you want to be..after introduce ourselves,miss hana held a game that call 'BATTLESHIP'...this game is for us to be more alert and practise our listening for muet test and the most important is this game was fun and can bond us together.

Firstly,we have been divide into 5 people in each group after that we have to think one name to naming our group..try guess what my group name? group name is JAMES BOND 007 limited edition..hahaha..our group is the famous group like famous amos ,the rules of this game is must have captain and shooter..the function of captain is to be the first person that give answer,the answer based on the categories that given by miss hana and the function of shooter is the last person that give the answer and shout the other group's name to continued the game this game also have 'PUNISHMENT',who's say the repeat  answer will get the punishment this part that I feel so stress and angry at one person..A#R#M S*IT YOU and I was the unlucky person in the class that time...why I say that?..that because I the person that keep be call front in my class to get the punishment...grrrrr...

But I so happy that day because I laugh,play,co-operate with my new classmate....
Finally,the game was finished and I was naming by our friend as the famous person in the class because I am not alert person and keep always got punishment...arghhhhh....


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  2. wakakak...aku puas atie dpt kne kan ko byk2 kali!!

  3. ko memang..selalu x puas aty ngan aku..mklumla ak kan selalu dapat mngatasi ko..

  4. ko ni lucah r akram..astaghfirullahalzzim...